how to try first the os and install after

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Sat May 26 17:13:18 CEST 2018

"Works!" - of course it does. ;-)

DPI - this is mentioned on my website, with suggested values.

Scrolling has been mentioned too.

  1.  No (but no guarantees)
  2.  Of course!
  3.  Unsure what is being asked here. It has been built from General Release, so unless you change the repos., it will receive updates just as a 'normal' installation.
  4.  Of course, I quadruple boot from emmc at present, including Windoze 10.
  5.  Yes, from the keyboard slot, though I haven't got around to trying it myself. You'd need to boot using Fn+F10 unless grub is installed to the emmc.

From: Linklinklink

WORKS! Damn its really amazing! But i have make some tweaks to make is more tablet friendly. I set the option from the screen in double dpi (hmm i forget the real name)!

But i need a littlebit more tweaks. More scroll support in the windows. When i try to scroll in firefox, then is the text selected, i need now use the scrollbar for scrolling.

but have some more questions:
1. the update feature, can it break the whole os?
2 Is it possible to use it as a main os?
3. In what fase is the last release now? Nightly, alpha, beta, rc or final?
4. Can i install as dual boot (windows + this os)?
5. Can i install on SD as dual boot?

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