how to try first the os and install after

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Sat May 26 19:20:37 CEST 2018

My best tip for scrolling is to get a small mouse, I have a small one which
does both USB and Bluetooth.

If anyone ever makes progress on the touch pad it'll make my day and make
my bag a bit lighter.

Good to see someone else join the wonderful world of TCM!


On Sat, 26 May 2018, 4:13 pm E Jonsen, <e_jonsen at> wrote:

> "Works!" - of course it does. ;-)
> DPI - this is mentioned on my website, with suggested values.
> Scrolling has been mentioned too.
>    1. No (but no guarantees)
>    2. Of course!
>    3. Unsure what is being asked here. It has been built from General
>    Release, so unless you change the repos., it will receive updates just as a
>    'normal' installation.
>    4. Of course, I quadruple boot from emmc at present, including Windoze
>    10.
>    5. Yes, from the keyboard slot, though I haven't got around to trying
>    it myself. You'd need to boot using Fn+F10 unless grub is installed to the
>    emmc.
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> *From:* Linklinklink
> WORKS! Damn its really amazing! But i have make some tweaks to make is
> more tablet friendly. I set the option from the screen in double dpi (hmm i
> forget the real name)!
> But i need a littlebit more tweaks. More scroll support in the windows.
> When i try to scroll in firefox, then is the text selected, i need now use
> the scrollbar for scrolling.
> but have some more questions:
> 1. the update feature, can it break the whole os?
> 2 Is it possible to use it as a main os?
> 3. In what fase is the last release now? Nightly, alpha, beta, rc or final?
> 4. Can i install as dual boot (windows + this os)?
> 5. Can i install on SD as dual boot?
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