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Paul Mansfield paul at
Sun Feb 28 17:03:36 CET 2016

Hello everyone,

we have another to join the team, Greg is "franzander" off the Toshiba
forums. He has got linux to run on his TCM:
|Got it running, using sparkylinux and some hints from your website,
which is really great!
|Now I was trying to see if there is any new development concerning
the missing functionalities.
|In particular, battery indicator and backlight control would be great.
|A post on the Asus T100TA seems to suggest that the 4.3 kernel might
offer slightly better support
|for battery indication at least:
||I tried upgrading to the newer kernel on Debian, but sure enough,
this leads to a loss of
|keyboard and touchpad. Is there anything I could try to get it to
work on 4.3, or would this need modifications to the kernel?
|If so, is there any chance you might issue a newer kernel, 4.3 or
maybe even 4.4 which is available on sid?

I've deliberately left the previous message below so he can see the
recent topic of conversation.

I've been ill for the last ten days and had no energy for anything, am
hoping I can bring some attention back to this.


On 24 February 2016 at 11:11, Nicolas Huillard <nicolas at> wrote:
> Le jeudi 11 février 2016 à 11:03 +0000, Paul Mansfield a écrit :
>> On 11 February 2016 at 09:40, Nicolas Huillard <nicolas at> wrote:
>> > * kernel 4.4
>> > * wifi sdio driver (freeze at latest attempt)
>> ...
>> > I'm still at the wifi step... I'd ideally like to integrate it into the
>> I could only get wifi to stop locking the system up by using the
>> kernel baytrail patches off the hadess git repo... and even then it's
>> not great.
>> Even in Windows the WiFi isn't wonderful, so I use the WiFi adaptor I
>> bought for my Rasberry Pi, which is fairly compact and doesn't stick
>> out too far.
> I have upgraded the xserver-xorg-video-intel to 2:2.99.917-2~bpo8+1,
> which didn't prevent hard freezes (even without sdio wifi). But I tried
> to disable "windows animations" in the Gnome environment, reducing the
> 3D need, which leads to "less freezes" (not much, still not usable).
> Going further, I currently use the machine with OpenBox (very basic
> window manager) since a few days, with no freezes at all (still using
> Evolution, Iceweasel, gnome terminal, Empathy). That's not very friendly
> to me, but proves that the graphics driver is involved in freezes. My
> previous experience with these kind of freezes (mostly on Sandy Bridge)
> proved to fix magically in some way, just waiting for newer versions.
> I was not able to launch Wayland instead of X, which work on my Debian
> jessie desktop.
> The main problem with this is the 100% backlight all the time. The
> hadess patch does not work because the backlight on the TCM is not
> driven the same way as it is on the Asus Chi. I'm still working on this.
> Have a nice day !
> (to sevindik.fatih@ and wsl@ : please tell us if those emails copies
> annoy you and I'll stop)
> --
> Nicolas Huillard
> nicolas at
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