Linux On A Toshiba Click Mini...

Gee groeg3 at
Sun Feb 28 21:15:56 CET 2016

Hi there, and thanks for adding me to the list!

I was wondering if the level of stability of my installation was
actually the same as you guys, or whether it was more stable. I'm
writing in the past as I had to use the SD card I had Debian installed
on as a replacement for my phone. So I'll have to give it another try
once I get a new SD card.

Anyway, when I got Linux to boot and managed to login on the 4.2.8
kernel I never had a problem with freezes. Granted, I didn't use it
terribly much, but I had it running for a couple of hours to install
texlive etc and tried out bits and pieces on occasion, so there would
have been chances for freezes I guess.
My problem was that maybe 3 out of 4 times I tried to start, the system
would boot until the login screen, but then blank out before I managed
to log in. I'm not sure if this is just a different aspect of the same
problem you guys were facing, or if my config didn't have your problems,
but different ones.

Any hypotheses (though admittedly I'll only be able to participate
actively in any testing once I get the system set up again)?

As I mentioned in the thread, I had also tried to compile the 4.4.2
kernel myself with Paul's config for 4.2.8, but the resulting kernel
didn't support the keyboard or touchpad.
I don't know if this was due to a problem with the kernel or (probably
more likely as I've never compiled a kernel before) some mistake in my
configuration of the various additional modules that weren't in the
4.2.8 config.
@Paul, did you do anything special in addition to the kernel
configurations available on your server in order to get the keyboard to


On 28/02/16 16:09, Paul Mansfield wrote:
> I am wondering if there's a problem setting up the interrupt hardware
> on the baytrail SoC, which is why certain things trigger a hard
> lockup. Even without the SDIO WiFi, I would occasionally get one - I
> was using XFCE which shouldn't be too demanding on the hardware.
> The frustrating thing about this is that there are stable kernels
> around for this SoC, since Baytrails have been used in
> commercially-sold Android devices, and Intel sold their compute stick
> with the same chip and wifi (though despite repeated requests I didn't
> persuade Intel to publish the disk image when I tried months ago)

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