Recent changes to this wiki:

Show both release news items.
Releasing 1.0.32 and 1.1pre15.
Mention that the default filenames for tincd -K should be used.
Remove link to the now defunct VPN Consortium.
Add link to Buildroot package.
Avoid talking about holes.
Add sentence about UDP hole punching capabilities.
Suggested by Olivier Hault.
Releasing 1.0.31.
Releasing 1.0.30.
Releasing 1.0.29.
Document how to report security issues.
Clarify how to contribute code to tinc.
Releasing 1.1pre14.
Releasing 1.1pre13.
Use thorkill's real name.
Show only one news item on the front page.
Fix data of 1.1pre12 release.
Releasing 1.1pre12.
We're at 1.0.28 now.
Use the contemporary spelling of Apple's desktop operating system.
Try to fix the order of the two releases this day.
Releasing 1.0.28.
Update the cross-compiling examples to use LibreSSL.
LibreSSL compiles very cleanly under MinGW.
Make sure we display the right news item on the download page.