Exposing extra subnet via Tinc

Daniel Lo Nigro lists at d.sb
Wed Dec 5 08:10:53 CET 2018


I'm currently using Tinc to create a VPN between a Linux server, a Windows
server, and my local laptop and desktop computers (both running Windows). I
picked an IP in the 10.123.1.x range for each server, and added something
like "Subnet =" to each host config file. It's working very

What I'd like to do now is expose an extra subnet to the VPN. The Linux
server has LXC containers in the subnet. I'd like any hits
to 192.168.122.x to go to that particular server. I tried simply modifying
the host config to also include that subnet:

Subnet =
Subnet =

But that didn't work - Pings to from other hosts on the VPN
just time out

When I run "route print" on the Windows machines, I don't see any routes
for that IP range.

Do I need to do any extra config on the Linux server, or do I need to
somehow configure additional routing rules on my Windows machines?

This is how I configured Tinc in /etc/networking/interfaces on the Linux

auto tincvpn
iface tincvpn inet static
        tinc-net vpn
        tinc-debug 1
        tinc-mlock yes
        tinc-user nobody
        tinc-pidfile /run/tinc.pid

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