multithreading, subnet weights, logging info

Ryan, Justin justin.ryan at
Mon Feb 27 21:32:00 CET 2017

Multiple questions here, thinking one email is less annoying (sorry if
not). Running tinc 1.0.31

1. Could anyone give an explanation (or point to documentation) of the
differences between Connections, Nodes, and Edges in the USR1/2 logging,
and the various information in there?

2. Connections appears to match the list of ConnectTo hosts in the main
config file -- does this mean this node can only send packets (meta and
data connections) directly to those hosts, and that packets destined to
others will be relayed through the ConnectTo hosts?

"nexthop" seems to confirm this -- only Connections are nexthops -- but
then ADD_EDGE and REQ_KEY meta messages (as documented here
seem to imply direct data packets are possible.

3. What is the routing behavior when multiple nodes advertise the same
subnet at the same weight? I think this is it:, and it
means that it's a lexical comparison between names, which will always be
the same. We would prefer they be load balanced, due to...

4. Is it correct that tinc 1.0 is still single-threaded? I've seen some
references to it becoming multithreaded, but have only ever observed it
working on one cpu at a time, which typically is a bottleneck before

Thank you! I'd be happy to PR documentation once I understand these things.
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