tinc - controlling communication between nodes

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I have a simple hub and spoke topology where all my nodes connect to a
central node. Below is tinc.conf for main node

Name = main
Interface = tun0
Forwarding = kernel

and the remote nodes have same with ConnectTo = main.

I have tried to apply a basic iptable policy on the main node but the
traffic still seems to passthough and the nodes can communicate with each
other. How do I apply policy between the two remote nodes on the main hub
node? I would like in future to only allow a selected ports to be allowed
between the nodes but for now I want iptables to manage policy between

*Main node IPTABLES rule*

 iptables -A FORWARD -s <site1-ip> -d <site2-ip> -j DROP
 iptables -A FORWARD -s <site2-ip> -d <site1-ip> -j DROP
default DENY

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