wireguard what do you guys tinc?

Ivo Smits Ivo at UFO-Net.nl
Tue Feb 7 20:43:19 CET 2017

Contrary to most traditional in-kernel VPN or tunneling solutions, 
wireguard uses the UDP protocol. This should make it possible to 
implement the same protocol in userspace on any system that can handle 
UDP sockets - including Windows. It might be slower, but it should be 
able to talk to to the kernel implementation.

Wireguard currently does not support ethernet-layer tunneling, only 
IP(v4 and v6) packets can be tunneled. I think this is unfortunate, 
because I have some scenarios where I'd like to bridge entire ethernet 
segments or use another routing mechanism like BGP.



Op 6-2-2017 om 20:25 schreef jungle Boogie:
> On 5 February 2017 at 05:36, Jelle de Jong <jelledejong op powercraft.nl> wrote:
>> What do you guys tinc of wireguards, are there advantages? Jason seems to
>> have a good grip of what he is talking about.
> Well if it's kernel only, that rules out anything not Linux, at lest
> at the moment. I know that may have a big share, but I find that
> limit.
> I understand it being in the kernel is attractive because it's much
> faster, but how many things do we want to trust in running in the
> kernel? Does a faster VPN really mean much these days?

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