Basic configuration problem

Ryan Rustong ryan.rustong at
Wed Sep 19 22:06:04 CEST 2012

> However, you have to take care yourself of setting IP address and routes
> in the
> tinc-up script.
> Tinc does not add routes itself.
> Thank you, I do recall reading this early in my research but had forgotten
about it.  For some reason one of my systems doesn't like to add the route
for the tun interface that is created, but I can manually add that route
statement and then it works.

> You can of course also use a subnet that is completely separate from what
> the
> nodes have on their real interfaces.
> You are still doing something wrong ;) If you want you can send your host
> config files and tinc-up scripts again, and I can tell you if there still
> is a
> problem with them.
> I think I finally got it working in my basic 1 server/2 client setup.  Now
I will start looking at using IPv6 - that will be an adventure all on its

Thank you very much for the help.
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