dynamic-ip clients?

lizard lizard at furcon.de
Sat Mar 21 16:05:28 CET 2009

hi there
i started using tinc a few month ago after i got tired of openvpn.
everythings runs fine now. the meshrouting stuff is wonderfull for
layily people like me ;)
now i came to an point i got stuck.
when i swtich to loglevel 5 i see lines like 

  Node storemuc ( port 655) became reachable

hey - cool, every node has the ip-address if every other node.
so i added a hostfile of 2 dynamic-ip clients, left out the
Address-entry and added a a connectTo line in tinc.conf
but ...

  No address specified for storemuc

now, is it possible to connect dynamic clients? the ip-address is known,
i see it in the debug-log. if not, whishlist ... pahaps Address=? or
somethink like that, so the tinc can use the real-ip it got from other

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