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Nicolas Huillard nicolas at
Mon Jan 29 12:51:01 CET 2018

Le lundi 29 janvier 2018 à 11:41 +0000, Paul Mansfield a écrit :
> I've built 4.15 and pushed the .deb files to usual place along with a
> tweaked config file.
> however, it won't boot. I've not seen this error before (attached), anybody
> offer any help?

Ouch, this sounds like a Meltdown "fix", more or less related to Kernel
Page Table Isolation. Since this is a kernel configuration problem, a
simple workaround like passing `pti=off' to the kernel command line
probably won't do it.

Nota : your previous 4.14 kernel didn't boot here, but didn't show this
message. I attributed it to the missing linux-firmware-image package,
but it may have been related to Meltdown. : this 5-level paging is related to
memory access for huge address space. Maybe there are new settings
somewhere in the CPU config options. Since Meltdown is related to
memory pages too, this may be a side-effect...

Nicolas Huillard

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