Step By Step Guide?

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Mon Jan 29 02:35:43 CET 2018

Thanks and much appreciated.

Yes, I based my procedure on your "fetch stuff" script. ;-)

The buttons have worked at one point, for definite (don't ask which kernel!) though it's a low priority for me. I'm not really interested in the cameras - I use 'proper' cameras and don't Skype etc.

The bluetooth will allow me to use a titchy Elecom Capclip travel mouse, freeing off the USB port(s) for more useful stuff. A mouse is a compromise, as I usually use a wireless trackball, due to RSI-induced dislike for inbuilt laptop pointing methods; stick or pad.

You missed the "-j 12", indicating that I'm building in a VM on an online dedicated server: it takes about 30 mins to complete. At the moment, I'm also building on a 32bit single core Atom (the previous laptop), to enable a new Intel GMA5/600 option. I'm following instructions that use fakeroot to build (a better way to do it?). It has taken 9 hours so far on the laptop. 😲

When I do get treated to a holiday abroad by the missus, I need to take a laptop with me to monitor hosting servers that I run for clients. Small and light is an absolute necessity, especially with cattle class aeroplane seats. An HP2133 preceded a Sony VPCX but the heavier TCM has a better screen and much improved performance. If I could just get bluetooth to work...

Final tweaking, from my perspective, would be to emulate the zoomed screen that can be achieved in Windoze. I can get text to enlarge easy enough but window borders are too small, for example.

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