Step By Step Guide?

Paul Mansfield paul at
Sun Jan 28 23:39:49 CET 2018

it looks like you're going through all the right steps. perhaps you
saw my script at
I really need to update that script to reflect the latest patches and kernel.

I must admit, I gave up even testing the buttons on the tablet, and
I've never had the integrated bluetooth working, nor either camera.

I haven't spun up a new kernel in quite a while, the last one was
mostly good enough. I see that 4.15 was actually finally released
so I will probably build a fresh kernel now.

what I do is grab the latest John Brodie patch set from the Asus
Transformer G+ group at

and then re-use my existing config (which I upload to here:

and apply the patches, just as you listed.

I build on a VM, so after building the kernel I install it and if it
boots, I upload the kernel to my website for others to test, send an
email to this list, and also test it myself when I get round to it and
we then discuss whether it's a good kernel. Mostly, we're happy if the
screen, keyboard, touchscreen, wifi and sound work!

I think those of us still using the Click Mini tend to use it for very
basic things, I don't use mine very often, which is a shame because in
theory it's a great little device if everything was working!

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