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Sat Jan 27 20:47:48 CET 2018

I'm still struggling to get Bluetooth (and tablet buttons) to work. I'm almost at the point of giving up and returning to an older device with horrible GMA500 graphics!

I've finally put together a list of the process that I'm using: could someone kindly point out where I'm going wrong?

cd /home/user/build

 wget -N
 wget -N
 wget -N
 wget -N
 wget -N

unzip /usr/src/john_brodie_patches_4.13*.zip

# Use a fresh source
# rm -Rf linux-source-4.13.0
# tar -xvjf /usr/src/*.bz2
 cd linux-source-4.13.0

cp ../config-4.13-jbpm0 .config
patch -p1 < ../disable-elan.patch
patch -p1 < ../sound_click_mini.patch
# John Brodie patches
for X in ../4.13-rc7/*patch
    patch -p1 < $X

# sed 's/EXTRAVERSION.*/EXTRAVERSION = -user/' Makefile

# Check for new settings and switch CPU type to Atom
make menuconfig
# Use 12 vCPU processing
make -j 12 deb-pkg

# Once completed I then use isorespin to give further drivers and patches..

./ -i linuxmint-18.3-mate-64bit.iso --atom --upgrade -p "pavucontrol" -l "../build/linux-image-4.13.13-user_amd64.deb" -l "../build/linux-headers-4.13.13-user_amd64.deb" -l "../build/linux-firmware-image-4.13.13-user_amd64.deb"

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