Step By Step Guide?

Paul Mansfield paul at
Mon Jan 8 09:04:40 CET 2018

Welcome to our tiny community.

I'm sorry, but we have no master document for Linux on the Click Mini.
Mostly, the advice is to..
* shrink windows down to make space in the eMMC,
* install Linux using a distro that has the required support for uefi32 mode
* use a usb keyboard and mouse
* replace the kernel with one that's got all the patches. Very new kernel
releases will work, but to get the touchpad to work you need an out of tree
* fix the alsa state files to get working sound

I build kernels for 64 bit Debian and place them at
There's also patches and other stuff there, particularly the touchpad one:

There is a mailing list archive but it might be tricky to find exactly what
you're looking for, so just ask.

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