Get rid of sys/signal.h.
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2002-02-10 Guus SliepenMerging of the entire pre5 branch. release-1.0pre5
2001-03-04 Guus SliepenUpdated translation.
2001-02-25 Guus SliepenAdded process.c to the translated files.
2000-12-22 Ivo TimmermansForget router.c
2000-11-20 Guus Sliepen- Integrate rbl trees into tinc.
2000-11-04 Ivo TimmermansAdd route.c to the list of source files.
2000-11-04 Guus Sliepen- connlist.c added to translation
2000-10-20 Guus Sliepen- Made stub for doc/es/
2000-10-15 Guus Sliepen- The daemon actually runs now (somewhat)
2000-05-29 Ivo TimmermansInternationalization of tinc.