descriptiontinc, the VPN daemon
ownerGuus Sliepen
last changeTue, 16 Jan 2018 06:50:39 +0000 (07:50 +0100)

This is the public git repository of tinc, the VPN daemon. This repository can be cloned with one of the following command:

git clone git://
git clone
Alternatively, you can download tarballs of specific commits from this web interface by clicking on the "snapshot" links.

26 hours ago Maximilian... Fix SEGFAULT when trying to connect to IPv6 peer in... master
10 days ago Guus SliepenFix all spelling errors found by codespell.
10 days ago Guus SliepenDocument how to enable tinc at boot time using systemd.
10 days ago Guus SliepenRename distro/ to systemd/.
10 days ago Guus SliepenMake systemd service file handling identical to tinc...
2017-12-16 Guus SliepenDon't use SOL_IP and SOL_IPV6.
2017-11-06 Guus SliepenFix #ifdefs that were broken due to commit d178b58.
2017-11-04 Guus SliepenFix building documentation when using OpenBSD's make.
2017-11-04 Guus SliepenAdd missing thanks to the NEWS message.
2017-11-04 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.33. release-1.0.33
2017-11-04 Guus SliepenUpdate THANKS.
2017-11-04 Guus SliepenFix compilation errors when --enable-uml is used.
2017-11-04 Guus SliepenConst correctness.
2017-11-04 Guus SliepenSupport autoconf's --runstatedir option.
2017-11-04 Guus SliepenEnsure all parameters have names in header files.
2017-11-04 Guus SliepenRemove unused functions.
2 months ago release-1.0.33 Releasing 1.0.33.
4 months ago release-1.1pre15 Releasing 1.1pre15.
4 months ago release-1.0.32 Releasing 1.0.32.
12 months ago release-1.0.31 Releasing 1.0.31.
14 months ago release-1.0.30 Releasing 1.0.30.
15 months ago release-1.0.29 Releasing 1.0.29.
20 months ago release-1.1pre14 Releasing 1.1pre14.
20 months ago release-1.1pre13 Releasing 1.1pre13.
20 months ago release-1.1pre12 Releasing 1.1pre12.
21 months ago release-1.0.28 Releasing 1.0.28.
21 months ago release-1.0.27 Releasing 1.0.27.
2 years ago release-1.0.26 Releasing 1.0.26.
3 years ago release-1.1pre11 Releasing 1.1pre11.
3 years ago release-1.0.25 Releasing 1.0.25.
3 years ago release-1.0.24 Releasing 1.0.24.
3 years ago release-1.1pre10 Releasing 1.1pre10.
26 hours ago master
9 days ago 1.1
3 years ago 1.1-ed25519
4 years ago 1.1-brainpool
7 years ago 1.1-threads
11 years ago 2.0
13 years ago 1.0-gnutls
15 years ago POKEY