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5.2 Signals

You can also send the following signals to a running tincd process:


Forces tinc to try to connect to all uplinks immediately. Usually tinc attempts to do this itself, but increases the time it waits between the attempts each time it failed, and if tinc didn’t succeed to connect to an uplink the first time after it started, it defaults to the maximum time of 15 minutes.


Partially rereads configuration files. Connections to hosts whose host config file are removed are closed. New outgoing connections specified in tinc.conf will be made. If the –logfile option is used, this will also close and reopen the log file, useful when log rotation is used.


Temporarily increases debug level to 5. Send this signal again to revert to the original level.


Dumps the connection list to syslog.


Dumps virtual network device statistics, all known nodes, edges and subnets to syslog.


Purges all information remembered about unreachable nodes.